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Change the "Schedule 15 Minute Discovery Session" Button


Appearance > Customize > Header > Header Elements: TOP Menu “Schedule a Discovery Session” button:

  1. Call to Action Button
    1. Button Text (type what you want it to say)
      1. Schedule a Discovery Session
    2. Button URL (where it goes)
      1. %%home_url%%schedule-a-consultation/
    3. Check or Uncheck the “Show Header Call to action button” to turn it on/off
MailChimp Integration

4 options for mailchimp forms all found under Audience / Manage Audience > Signup Forms

  • Form Builder
    • Build, design, and translate signup forms and response emails
    • This is an independent webpage hosted by Mailchimp with an ugly url
  • Embedded forms
    • Generate HTML code to embed in your site or blog to collect signup.
    • This would be just the form box that correctly links to mailchimp so you can use any website layout and just put the form field within the page.
  • Subscriber Pop-up
    • Design a pop-up signup form that can be embedded on any site.
  • Form Integrations
    • Create signup forms using one of our integrations
  • Facebook form
    • Add a signup form to your Facebook page.
    • Not sure how this works
  • Landing Page Signup Form
    • Design a shareable landing page to collect new contacts.
    • Want to look into this further, might have better design elements.
Code for Text to Button

To change style settings- go to Themes/Customize/Additional CSS