Anxiety impacts the way we think, behave and feel (both mentally and physically).   Improve your health, increase your energy, gain restful sleep, foster better relationships, and revive your enjoyment in life, today!  

Hypnosis will empower you to banish that persistent worry!


Anxiety affects us to varying degrees or levels.   Like a dimmer switch, your fight, flight, or freeze mode can ramp up or down, but it also can remain always on.   While on, the sympathetic nervous system begins firing and activating all the physiological changes that occur in response to a real trigger or threat, when in actuality, there is no present threat or danger (think bear or a tiger).

When you find yourself in a state of anxiety more often than not, it becomes difficult for you and your body to remember the good healthy benefits of going through your day-to-day in the normal state of calm.

Persistent worry and rumination develops from a pattern which fires the sympathetic nervous system.   This becomes an ever-evolving pathway that allows for the worry and rumination to more easily pass through faster and more steady and on a loop.   This loop unfortunately makes your ability to access a state of calm more and more rare.

The relaxation response is the opposite of fight, flight, or freeze mode.   Hypnosis can help expedite the development and recovery of this mode by strengthen your parasympathetic nervous system while providing you the control you need over your body’s essential functions (breathing, muscle tension, heart rate).

As your hypnotherapist, I can work with you in strengthening your parasympathetic nervous system so that you can realize the benefits of enhanced mental and physical well-being.

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