Pain Control

Pain Control

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Pain is a signal that communicates that something in the body requires attention!   There are two types of pain: acute and chronic.   Acute pain is onset by something specific (twisted ankle, bump on head, etc.) it usually lasts no longer than 6 months and goes away when the condition is resolved, or part of the body has healed.   Chronic pain is defined as ongoing pain, lasting for 6 months or more (arthritis, nerve pain, fibromyalgia, etc.).

In some cases, chronic pain has been known to linger long after an imbalance or injury has healed because pain signals continue to remain active in the nervous system.   Hypnosis can be extremely effective in instructing those false alerts to cease and desist!   In other cases the source of the chronic pain has not been fully discovered or properly corrected, and thus the body is doing it’s best to alert you to something.

Pain and discomfort can give rise to other problems.   Persistent muscle tension can cause your posture to fall out of alignment, and reduce range of movement, drain energy, create restlessness, change appetite, moodiness, and distressed emotional states such as depression, anger, anxiety, and fear.   You can learn to be free from pain or learn to control pain through hypnotic processes that help to effectively re-wire your brain and eliminate or change the way you experience pain.   Hypnotic protocols are safe and chemical-free!

Discovering the true source of pain can be challenging and often hard to trust.   We don’t want to turn off pain signals that haven’t been adequately addressed, because it’s often the only form of communication we receive from the body.   Therefore, I require a doctor’s note that confirms a thorough medical evaluation has been carried out to investigate the cause of the pain you are experiencing before we work to mitigate or change it.   I am happy to collaborate with your medical professional, in guiding you to obtain the pain relief you seek.   Hypnosis is really good at helping you strengthen your mind body connection and this can be very valuable in troubleshooting the sources of pain.

Pain control techniques are not only useful in turning down and eliminating pains.   They can be employed to help lessen the side effects of surgeries and reduce the amounts medications you may require during and after surgery.   There are hypnotic protocols that I can teach you which can help you be more comfortable or reduce the amount of chemical anesthesia you might require during minor surgical procedures, visits to the dentist, injections, and other medical procedures.   You may even find you can avoid using anesthesia or pain-killers all together!

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