Kids & Teens

Kids & Teens

Hypnosis can help kids and teens increase confidence, swap out unwanted habits for more beneficial ones, improve attitudes and navigate life with more joy in their hearts! Just as with adults, hypnosis is well suited for working with kids and teens in unlimited problem areas.

Children and teens present distinctive and intricate issues, just as adults do.   Unlike adults, however, kids and teens often lack the cascade of layers that years of coping with those problems can produce.   It is for that reason that hypnosis serves children and teens very well.

Using hypnosis as a tool, I teach children and teens skills that will help them to better navigate their progress in growth and development.   As a hypnotherapist, I work as part of a team, alongside parent and child and can work alongside any others who are influential in the child’s life, in connection to the issue(s) that may surface.

I work to help children and teens become empowered to navigate toward behaviors and outcomes they desire.   Children, teens, and adults all have the right to confidentiality, I honor that for each and every client.

Some of the common areas where I often see children struggle are: :

• nail biting
• thumb sucking
• bed wetting
• anxiety
• attention or focus
• confidence
• moodiness
• athletic performance
• academic performance
• fears and phobias

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