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American society propagates the misconception that people who develop an addiction will inevitably succumb to a disease state that they must cope with for the rest of their life.   For that reason, many people feel that they are powerless to overcome addiction.

There are a lot of rehabilitation programs out there that base their recovery model on these fallacies and that entrain their clients to believe they can never have control over their addiction.   The reality is there is no scientific research that supports the model.   There is, however, scientific research that helps us understand how addictions develop in the brain.

Addictions develop in almost the same manner as habits.   Habits are formed through repetition.   As an example, you might rescue a dog from a shelter, train yourself and your companion to take three walks a day, repeated over a number of days, boom, you’ve developed a habit.

An addiction, however, is a habit that becomes amplified because there is the inclusion of a feeling of reward that incentivizes and motivates the repeated pursuit of the substance or behavior.   In another example, you might ingest a substance, over indulge in food, or engage in a behavior that begins to intensely activate the brain’s pathways of reward and reinforcement by engaging the neurotransmitter dopamine.   Because the neurotransmitter dopamine has flooded the system, this causes you to desire more of the stimulant.   All of this can spur the onset of an addiction.

To stop addiction we can use this science to help us develop new pathways in the brain and redirect the reward system to feed and support them.   As the neurotransmitters travel across these new pathways, more and more, the old ones eventually become pruned, or die off from lack of use.

Hypnosis is an extremely proficient tool that can steer people away from unwanted habits and addictions.   Hypnosis can help expedite the process of re-wiring the brain and installing behaviors and outcomes that people desire to achieve.   It is possible to stop addiction and retrain your brain to embark in healthier states and activities.

If you are struggling with addiction of any kind contact me for a session and let me show you how hypnosis can empower you to achieve the results you desire.

The most common addictions I work with are:


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