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    “ My teenage daughter has been sleeping better, engaging with others better, and is more upbeat, in general. She has learned a great deal, from Amy, about how to combat anxious feelings and behaviors and is empowered to live more calmly and confidently. "

    Joanna Williams

    Littleton, CO

    You ARE ready to Make a Difference by doing something different!

    You recognize that you're triggered way too frequently and you're wiped out from constantly battling anxious thoughts and feelings. You're here because you are ready to take action and move into a more calm and confident life. Welcome friend! You are in just the right place.

    Follow The steps in this workbook & discover:

    • An easy, D.I.Y. method to STOP Anxiety in its tracks!

    • How following these steps can rewire your brain to eliminate unhelpful anxiety loops.

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    • How to modify your self-talk because it may be sabotaging your peace of mind.

    • Who you are with more calm, focus, creativity & clarity + better sleep, digestion & moods!