... Because you worry about how we're ALL going to BOUNCE BACK from a global pandemic...

Building Your Resilience

Live Virtual Retreat

Amy Ross -CCHt

Now more than ever, building your resilience is crucial!  I want to help you with that! 

In this Virtual Retreat you will learn:

  • Recent discoveries of our bodies' innate rhythms that you may be consciously overriding.
  • That these rhythms or cycles provide a special wisdom that we are no longer attuned with, due to technological advances in our culture & environment.
  • The need to positively reframe our perspectives regarding what we are each experiencing amid this global pandemic.  When we ruminate in anxious feelings for too long or too frequently we alter our brains and negatively impact our health.
  • Tools and techniques that you can use to manage emotional unrest during social distancing.
  • And reward yourself to a relaxing, immune-boosting, hypnotic experience that can support your unconscious mind while integrating all the lessons easily and effortlessly.

With these skills, image how strong and resilient your bounce back will be.

Select a date and time that works best with your schedule, and reserve your seat, below!

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