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By Amy Ross

Building Resilience to Bounce Back After the COVID-19 Pandemic

We certainly find ourselves exploring the weighty effects

of abrupt change during this global pandemic!

Because no one yet knows how long this crisis will last, people have been apt to express how very vulnerable they are feeling. I see posts from people all over, conveying a BIG, collective worry over exactly how we, as a society, are ALL going to “Bounce Back” from this pandemic. 

While we’ve been ultra-responsive to challenges we’ve never experienced before, this COVID-19 pandemic promises to test our strengths and resilience. The interruptions of our routines have come upon us very suddenly.  Urgent directives deliver us confusion and call upon us to be more vigilant that we could have ever conceived.  Our social activities and mobility pose a risk to further spreading the virus, a hard pill to swallow for many. We ALL are working very hard to ensure the safety of ourselves, our loved ones, and others with our whole hearts engaged at full throttle.  We may be home, but this experience has transported us far away from the familiar. 

Seeing so many people worried about how we are ALL going to “bounce back”, I decided to do something!

I’m hosting a “BUILD YOUR RESILIENCE VIRTUAL RETREAT” and I would absolutely love it if you would join me!  This retreat is FREE and open to the world-wide public.  I’m offering it at several different times so I can share this useful and applicable material with as many folks as possible.

 I believe we are standing at the trailhead of a lengthy journey. It’s perfectly natural and normal to feel anxious cycling through our day-to-day as this experience plays out.  While uncertainty seems to be popping-out from EVERY nook and cranny, there are a few things that ARE certain: 

  • You are strong.
  • We as a community, worldwide, are presented with an opportunity to stand as one — stronger than ever.
  • Allowing yourself to see the good in the midst of the chaos can indeed bring you increments of peace. Spending time feeling at peace IS beneficial! During distressing times, relaxation &  peace can act like a portal that welcomes you into creative problem-solving, rehabilitation and healing states.
  • We CHOOSE how to spend this time amid social distancing orders. It’s really up to each of us to consciously make choices that guide us toward healing.  I believe that we as a global culture have been “powering” through some stuff that has been knocking us out of alignment.  Let’s become more mindful of our orientations and commit to refining them when needed.
  • While we may be encouraged to distance ourselves physically, this is the kind of moment where our hearts can bring us together, if we lean into it.

It is clear to me that we are faced with an opportunity to come out the other end of this stronger and better. 


With you in solidarity,

Amy Ross